Nagoya Castle Area

Nagoya Castle Dragon Fish

This area has one of Nagoya’s most important sightseeing spots. Nagoya Castle is adorned with two golden dolphins shining on its roof. It also has Tokugawa Art Museum. This boasts an extensive collection of assets from the Owari-Tokugawa clan, whose first lord was Yoshinao, the ninth son of leyasu Tokugawa, the founder who was a Shogun of the Edo Shogunate. It is one of the best areas to enrich your knowledge of Japanese traditional culture and the life of the samurai, or feudal warriors.

Nagoya Castle Area map
Nagoya Castle Area, Tokugawa area, Nagoya City (Nagoya-shi).

Tourist Locations from Nagoya Station, Fushimi Station, Sakae Station, Shiyakusho Station and Sengen-cho (Nagoya subway) Station:

Tourist Locations from Nagoya, Fushimi, Sakae, Shiyakusho and Sengen-cho (Nagoya subway) Stations.