Kiritappu-Misaki Camp Area

Address Akeshi-gun, Hamanaka-cho, Oaza
Kiritappu-mura, Aza Tofutsu 41
Contact  0153-62-2111  Hamanaka City Office
Season  June 1 - October 31
Fee Free
Rental  N/A
Auto Camping No
Facilities  Restrooms, water, public phones
Activities Nice view, fishing
Onsen Hamanaka Kanko Hotel is 15 km from camp,
Y450, 12:00 - 20:00, open everyday
Getting there From Hamanaka-cho, take Route 123 towards
the Kiritappu Peninsula.  The camping area is about 3 km out of town.

This campground has a great view of the Pacific Ocean and is especially beautiful in fall.