Kokusetsu Shiretoko Yaeijo

Address Shari-gun, Shari-cho, Aza Utoro
Contact  01522-4-2722
Open June 20 - September 30
Fee Adult: Y320
Cabin: Y3000 (4 people)
Rental N/A
Auto Camping Yes
Facilities Restrooms, cooking area, water, public
phones, vending machines, store
Activities  Nice view, hot spring, bird watching
Onsen Yuhidai-no-yu is 5 minutes from camp by
foot, Y400 adult, 14:00 - 19:30, open everyday
Getting there Take Route 334 from Rausu towards Shari. 
When you get to Utoro, follow the signs up the hill to the campsite.

This campsite is not far from Shiretoko-go-ko (Shiretoko 5 lakes). The campsite also has a great view of the ocean as does the nearby onsen.