Manaca card - rechargeable pay-as-you-go card

Manaca card - rechargeable pay-as-you-go card

No doubt by now you’ve seen and perhaps even used Manaca, Nagoya’s new fare card in use on the city’s subways and buses along with Meitetsu buses and trains. Manaca was introduced on February 11th to replace the Yurika and Transpass fare cards, and serves the same basic purpose as a stored value farecard making it easy to speed through the turnstiles at the station.

The Manaca card can be used as a pay-as-you-go card, a commuter pass, and electronic money. It replaced the Tranpass magnetic fare card system at the end of February 2012, both in scope and function. As of April 21, 2012, it is compatible with JR Central's TOICA fare card. Compatibility with TOICA electronic money is planned for 2013.

Because Manaca is an IC or integrated circuit based card, there is no need to insert the card into the wicket or fare box. Just tap the blue rectangle and go. If that were not enough, this card works two ways like your cash card, opening many other doors as well. counts to frequent riders of the system. Depending on how much you use the system per month, you can recieve up to a 15% discount in fares in the next month. This is to replace the Yurika system whereby buying more fare added extra trips on the top (i.e. the ¥2000 card actually had ¥2200 in fares, ¥5000 had ¥5600 and so on).
Manaca card - rechargeable pay-as-you-go card.
The other aspect of Manaca is its use as an e-money card. JR East in Tokyo pioneered this several years ago, when they decided to place card readers on all the vending machines located in their stations. This makes it easy for patrons to buy a drink without searching their pockets for change. Manaca continues this concept and takes it further with the inclusion of points. When you purchase items using your Manaca card, you will collect points that are then good for discounts on your transit fares.

If you have not picked up one yet, you might consider it, especially since beginning April of 2012, you will be able to use the Manaca or Toica Card on the Meitetsu, JR, subway, and bus lines (etc) around Nagoya interchangeably. You will no longer need to carry an IC card for each line! The ability to purchase using the cards interchangeably will not be available until spring of 2013, but it is coming.

For more information see the following websites:
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