Rausu Choritsu Rinkan Hiroba Camp Area

Address Meanashi-gun, Rausu-cho, Rebun 32-1
Contact 01538-7-2111  Rausu City Office
Season May 1 - October 31
Fee Free
Rental N/A
Auto Camping No
Facilities Playground, restrooms, cooking area,
water, fireplace
Activities Nice view, bird watching
Onsen Shiretoko Kanko Hotel is 6 km from camp,
Y600 (adult), open everyday
Getting there Take Route 334 from Rausu towards Utoro
for about 2 km.  The camping area is part of the Hoppouryodo Observatory

This camping area is in the mountains next to a ski area. It has a great view of Kunashiri Island and is a good place to glimpse Ezo Deer, especially early in the morning.