Jikiri Onsen (hot springs)

This onsen's origin dates back to a legend that a farmer happened to find an injured wild boar which was soaking in a hot spring here to heal its wound. Bathing at Nagasaki Beach, as well as fishing and golf can be enjoyed.

The Northeast is called Shonan, sunny seaside town of Hill, right next to the spa accommodation Shonandai. While located right next to the residential area around the inn came to feel the illusion of green mountains.

Matsuya Ryokan, iwaki. Jikiri Onsen, iwaki.

Essential Info:

  • Municipality: Iwaki City
  • Parking: Available
  • Character of Spa: Small country spring
  • Kind of hot spring: Calcium Sodium (heated for bathing)
  • Effects: Rheumatism, Neuralgia.
  • Number of hotels: 1 hotel
  • Location: Aza Jikiri, 257 Nagasaki, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
  • Access: 30 minutes by bus from JR Joban Line Izumi Station, and 30 minute walk from bus stop. Joban Expressway Iwaki-Yumoto IC.
  • Reference: Matsuya Ryokan, TEL 0246-55-7675 , FAX 0246-55-7713