Mt. Shibayama Nature Park Camping Ground

The peak of Mt. Shibayama is covered with some 6,000 square meters of grass, and commands a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean on fair days. The clear night sky is ideal for astronomical observation.

Essential Info:

  • Municipality: Hirata Village
  • Parking: 10 cars
  • Contents of the facilities: Water supply, Toilet
  • Number of accommodation: Not fixed.
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Location: Aza Hirayama National Forest, Kitakata, Hirata Village (Hirata-mura), Ishikawa District (Ishikawa-gun), Fukushima Prefecture(Fukushima-ken) 963-8112, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 37.15605,140.60945]
  • Utilizable seaso: Always
  • Access: Bus from JR Banetsu East Line Ononiimachi Station to Shinbashi stop, then 40 minute walk. Banetsu Expressway Ono IC.
  • Reference:
    Wildlife Damage Prevention Plan of Hirata village
    Location: Hiromachi-34, Nagata, Hirata Village (Hirata-mura), Ishikawa District (Ishikawa-gun), Fukushima Prefecture(Fukushima-ken) 963-8205, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 37.218004999999998,140.57019399999999]
    Tel.: 0247-55-3115
    FAX: 0247-55-3513
    Regional Development Division Hirata village office, Tel: +81 247-55-3116
    Hirata village office, Tel: +81 247-55-3111