Hokkaido Onsen Hot Springs

Hokkaido possesses three primary volcanic mountain groups. Consequently, more than two hundred hot springs can be found throughout the prefecture. Some of the more famous onsen resorts are Noboribetsu, Toya, Shikotsu, Jozankei, Yunokawa, Kawayu, Akan and Sounkyo. Many have outdoor baths (rotenburo) where you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings while soaking in the baths.

oceanside onsen near rausu of shiretoko peninsula

  • Shikotsu-Toya National Park Area

    This park consists of Toya, Shikotsu, Noboribetsu and Jozankei hot springs. There are various volcanoes, caldera lakes and hot springs to visit. It is the closest National Park to Sapporo, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hokkaido.

    • Lake Toya

      This lake is surrounded by hot springs and is a popular resort area throughout the year. If you are looking for an expensive but enjoyable hot spring experience, check out the onsen at the Sun Palace Hotel. The facilities include a large indoor pool filled with hot spring water, artificial waves, water slides, and a sun terrace. The hotel also offers more traditional hot spring baths for men and women, complete with saunas.
      Access: 2hr 30 min by Donan bus from Sapporo Station bus terminal to Toyako Onsen bus stop

    • Toya-ko Onsen (Lake Toya)

      Toyoko Onsen puts on a nightly fireworks display from the end of April through October. The show begins around 8:45pm. Mt. Showa Shinzan is not far from the hot springs.
      Note: Due to the recent eruption of Mt. Usu, it is advisable to call and check all facilities in this area before going.
      Tourist Information: 0142-75-2446
      Access: 15 minutes from Toya Station by bus

    • Lake Shikotsu

      This caldera lake is the northernmost ice-free lake in Japan. It is surrounded by mountains and is a popular fishing area. There are three hot springs situated in rustic settings at the side of the lake, and it’s only about forty minutes from Chitose, or one hour from Sapporo by car. Camping is also available.
      Access: 1hr 20 min by Chuo bus from Sapporo Station Bus Terminal to Shikotsu Kohan bus stop

    • Rusutsu Resort

      Rusutsu comprises a vast and comprehensive relaxation and recreation facility, complete with swimming pools, ski slopes, hiking trails, golf courses and a large amusement park. Not surprisingly, it is a popular destination for day trips among Sapporo residents in summer and winter.
      1hr by Donan Bus (Toyako Onsen Eki) from JR Kutchan Station to Rusutsu Resort bus stop or 1hr 30 min. by bus from Kamori Kanko Building to Rusutsu Resort.

    • Karurusu Noboribetsu Onsen

      Noboribetsu in southwestern Hokkaido is the location of the Noboribetsu-onsen, Karurusu-onsen, Shin-Noboritbetsu-onsen hot springs, and has a rich variety of scenery including forests, lakes and marshes. The Noboribetsu-onsen is one of Hokkaido's best-known hot springs, and is surrounded by a virgin forest 200 meters above sea level. All the hot water is free flow, which means it is not circulated for multiple usage, and it is drinkable. From the outdoor bathes surrounded by the hilltop wood, visitors can view Orofure Mountains while bathing.
      Noboribetsu Tourist Association
      Tel: 0143-84-3311
      Fax: 0143-84-3303
      Website: http://www.noboribetsu-spa.jp/?lang=en

  • Daisetsuzan National Park Area

    This Daisetsuzan Mountain Range has many sheer cliffs and small, yet attractive hot springs near the base of the mountains. Mt. Asahidake is one of them. The long magnificent valley features many beautiful waterfalls and large plateaus with various alpine plants.
    To Asahidake: 1hr 35 min by Asahikawa Denki Kido Bus from JR Asahikawa Station to Asahidake bus stop

    • Sounkyo Onsen

      This is the largest hot spring area in Daisetsuzan, and a popular base for hikers and climbers. Rows of modern hotels and inns line the sparkling Ishikari River in this area.

    • Teninkyo Gorge and Teninkyo Onsen

      In the center of this gorge lies the peaceful Teninkyo hot springs, surrounded by forest, large, steep cliffs and various waterfalls.
      Access: 1hr 5 min by Asahikawa Denki Kido bus from JR Asahikawa Station to Teninkyo bus stop

    • Daisetsu Kogen Onsen

      Daisetsu Kogen Sanso
      Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 078-17
      Phone: 0165-85-3818
      Access: From Kamikawa Station on the Ishikita Line, the bus to Sounkyo Onsen takes 35 minutes. Then taxi for 40 minutes. OR From Route 39 south of Sounkyo, turn at the sign near Kogen Ohashi and you’re 10 kilometers away.

  • Akan National Park Area

    Akan National Park is a volcanic area with craters spread throughout the forest. It also contains three crystal clear lakes. The area surrounding these lakes is covered with forests and dotted with hot springs. The best place to stay is Akanko Onsen, a small hot spring resort on the edge of lake Akan. It also makes a good base from which to explore both the Akan National Park and the nearby Red-Crested Crane National Park.

    • Lake Akan

      The lake is home to many small islands and is surrounded by a deep green forest. Lake Akan Onsen is a hot spring area located on the south shore the lake. It consists of a collection of hotels, restaurants and omiyage (souvenir) shops. If you are looking for onsen, you can visit the public hot springs called Marimo-yu, located across the street from the main boat dock. Another place is the Akan View Hotel. This is a more elaborate facility offering pools, water slides and onsen pools.

    • Akan Kohan Onsen

      This spa is located by Lake Akan, which is famous for the many love stories of young Ainu couples.
      Contact: Tourist Information: 0154-67-2831
      Getting there: 2 hours from Kushiro Station by bus

    • Kawayu Onsen

      There are many onsen in Teshikaga-cho, and Kawayu in one of them. For many years, this hot spring has been known to protect against all kinds of diseases. This hot spring, surrounded by fir trees, flows into Lake Kussharo.

    • Horoko

      Location: Horoko Onsen Ryokan
      Kamishihoro-machi, Horoka Bangaichi, Hokkaido
      Phone: 0156-44-2167
      Getting there: From Obihiro on the Nemuro Line, take the bus to Nukadaira Onsen for 90 minutes. Change to the "taxi-bus" bound for Kamishihoro and ride for 20 minutes to Horoka Onsen Iriguchi. Then walk about 25 minutes.

    • Meto Onsen

      Location: Meto Onsen
      2979 Meto, Ashoro-machi, Ashoro-gun, Hokkaido
      Phone: 0156-26-2119
      Getting there: From Ashoro Station on the Furusato Ginga Line, take the bus bound for Obihiro for about 25 minutes to Meto. OR from Obihiro Station on the Nemuro Line, take the bus bound for Ashoro for about 90 minutes to Meto. The inn can arrange to pick you up there.

    • Yamada Onsen

      Location: Yamada Onsen Hotel Fukuhara
      Shikaribetsu-ko, Shikaoi-machi, Kawahigashi-gun, Hokkaido
      Phone: 0156-67-2302
      Getting there: From Obihiro on the Nemuro Line, take the bus bound for Nukadaira Onsen for 90 minutes. Taxi for 25 minutes. Closed in winter

  • Sapporo Area

    • Jozankei Onsen

      This wonderful resort town is only 30 kilometers southwest of downtown Sapporo. Its many hot springs are surrounded by forestland on the upper reaches of the Toyohira River. Japanese inns and restaurants line both sides of the river but the town remains quiet and peaceful despite its fame as a tourist area. Many people come for the outdoor sports such as hiking, golf and tennis in the summer, and skiing or snowboarding in the winter.
      Tourist Information: 011-598-2029
      Getting there: 1hr 5 min by Jotetsu Bus from Sapporo Station Bus Terminal to Jozankei bus stop

    • Yunokawa Onsen

      This hot spring area is the oldest in Hokkaido. The area is dotted with hotels, inns and restaurants situated amidst a peaceful residential area. The Matsukawa River runs through the town before it flows into the Straits of Tsugaru. The lights of the town and of the squid fishing boats reflecting on the water create peaceful atmosphere.
      Getting there: 40min by Hakodate Streetcar from JR Hakodate Station to Yunokawa Onsen Station

    • Noboribetsu Onsen

      Eleven different types of mineral water gush forth at Noboribetsu. It is one of Japan’s most unique hot spring resorts and arguably the most popular onsen town in Hokkaido. The hotels all have gorgeous indoor and outdoor baths. Most people who visit make a point of going to the Daiichi Takimotokan hotel bath. This very possibly could be the largest hot spring facility in Japan. You can choose from 30 baths differing in minerals and temperatures. There are indoor and outdoor baths, saunas, Jacuzzis…you name it. It’s hard to complain when you’re sipping on a cold beer and soaking in an outdoor hot spring. The infernal valley where the steamy water erupts is a popular sightseeing attraction.
      Tourist Information: 0143-84-3311
      Getting there: 15 minutes from Noboribetsu Station

  • Niseko Area

    Niseko’s hot springs, ski slopes, and various other outdoor activities, make it a recreation Mecca in both summer and winter.

    • Hirafu Onsen

      This hot spring area is located halfway up Mt. Niseko Annupuri, from where Mt. Yotei is in full view.

    • Niseko Goshiki Onsen

      This hot spring area is located 560 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The surrounding alpine area is a paradise for hikers, mountain climbers, skiers and snowboarders.

  • Southern Hokkaido

    The area around Onuma is a Quasi-National Park, and Esan is an area of exceptional natural beauty.

    • Esan Resort

      Mt. Esan is famous for its two peaks. Azaleas and other alpine plants grow freely here. There are many rustic hot springs and traditional fishing villages in the area around Esan.

Hakodate Area

  • Yachigashira Onsen

    In Hakodate. Open 6am to 9:30pm

  • Yunokawa Onsen

    Tourist Information: 0138-57-0166