Hokkaido Prefecture

HOKKAIDO prefecture

Hokkaido is the northern most island in Japan representing 22% of Japan’s total land mass and only 5% of its population. As of December 1999, the population of Hokkaido was about 5,720,000 people, and about 50% live in the major cities. It consists of one large island and 5 smaller islands. It was formerly known as Ezochi. There are six national parks, five quasi-national parks and twelve prefectural parks. Portland, Oregon is Sapporo’s sister city. The Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean surround Hokkaido. Hokkaido has 13 airports, 8 of which are connected to major cities in Japan. International service began in 1989, and more routes are being added every year.

Hokkaido is blessed with arguable the most magnificent natural beauty in Japan. Furthermore, the relatively cooler climate makes it an ideal get away during Japan’s sweltering summer. There are four distinct seasons, (no rainy season!), and can be enjoyed year round. Summer is popular because of its comfortable temperature, and in winter many people flock to the world-class ski resorts.

Hokkaido was almost exclusively inhabited by the Ainu, (Japan’s Native people), until mainlanders began settling in the southwest region during the Edo era (1603-1867). The Ainu reportedly came to Hokkaido about 800 years ago, and like the Native Americans, they were often discriminated against. As the government banned hunting and fishing, and forced them into labor, their culture was basically destroyed. Eventually many took Japanese names and tried to assimilate into Japanese society. Today there are about 15,000 Ainu still living in Hokkaido, and some have started community efforts to revive the Ainu language and culture.

At the time of the Meiji period (1868-1912) the government encouraged settlers in an effort to modernize the economy. These settlers persevered through harsh conditions and their efforts are now visible in the well-developed industry, agriculture and fishing. Nowadays, Hokkaido is one of the nations major sources of food.
Erimo Peninsula, Hokkaido


  • Flower: Sweet Brier
  • Tree: Silver Fir
  • Bird: Japanese Crane
  • Area (rank): 83,452 km²
  • Population: 5,690,000
  • Average Temperature: 9.5° C
  • Annual Rainfall: 1,331 mm
  • Capital: Sapporo City
  • Natural Resources: Coal
  • Major Industries: Agriculture, Fishery, Forestry

Natural features

Hokkaido is Japan's northernmost island, but Cape Soya situated in the northern extremity of the island is in the lower latitude than Paris, and Sapporo City is in the same latitude as Marseilles in southern France. Hokkaido, which is as large as both of Switzerland and Denmark together, accounts for about 22q2 of the total land mass. Throughout a year, many people visit the prefecture where remain Mighty Nature. It is cool and comfortable in summer and you can enjoy any kind of winter sports in winter. shizen, HOKKAIDO Prefecture

Climate and vegetation

kikou, HOKKAIDO Prefecture
The climate varies in different localities. While it is mild in the west coast district owing to the Tsushima current, the temperature is relatively low in the east coast district due to the Chishima current. In the inland areas which have a continental climate is a greater range in temperature between summer and winter. Although the snows last five to six months from the middle of November to the end of April, it is usually fine and refreshing weather with the less amount of precipitation during June and July which correspond to the rainy season in Honshu.

Geographical characteristics

Hokkaido is bounded by the Sea of Okhotsk on the east, the Sea of Japan on the west, and the Pacific on the south. In the center of the prefecture, several mountain chains including the mountain system of Daisetsuzan which rises to a height of over 2000 meters range of northward and southward. From those mountains the rivers such as the Ishikari-gawa, the Teshio-gawa and Tokachi-gawa flow through alluvial plains and basins that have flourishing agriculture.

Hokkaido (北海道, Hokkaidō?, literally "Northern Sea Circuit"), formerly known as Ezo, Yezo, Yeso, or Yesso, is Japan's second largest island; it is also the largest and northernmost of Japan's 47 prefectural-level subdivisions. The Tsugaru Strait separates Hokkaido from Honshu, although the two islands are connected by the underwater railway Seikan Tunnel. The largest city on Hokkaido is its capital, Sapporo, which is also its only ordinance-designated city.

Men and history

It is in the Meiji era that the land of Hokkaido was reclaimed in real earnest, but since former times there have been the Ainu, aboriginal tribesmen who have their own culture. In Matsumae-cho which was the fief of Matsumae before the Meiji era, and in Esashi-cho which is known for herring fishery, remain numerous places of cultural and historical interest. The clock tower and the building of the former Hokkaido Government Office in Sapporo are precious structures of European style built during the Meiji era.

Culture and festivals

matsuri, HOKKAIDO Prefecture
The Sapporo Snow Festival (the Yuki Matsuri), which is now world-famous, takes place in February every year, and recently the number of visitors from Asia has increased. Other popular festivals in association with snow and ice are held in many cities of the prefecture in winter. During summer, in the coastal towns, port festivals (the Minato Matsuri) are performed with the prayers offered for a rich haul and the safety of fishermen.


Hokkaido, which has large cultivated land that yields good food crops, occupies a very important place in Japan as the source of food supplies. Though influenced by the liberalization of external trade, dairy farms are run on a extensive scale. The sea around the island is a fertile source of marine products like salmon, trout, crabs and scallops.
kankou, HOKKAIDO Prefecture

One-point tourist guide

Hokkaido, where you can find Mother Nature, boasts many sight-seeing places which include the hot-spring resorts of Noboribetsu and the Jozankei gorge in Donan (Southern Hokkaido), Shikotsu-Toya National Park, the Shiretoko Peninsula, the Shakotan Kaigan coast, Daisetsuzan National Park which comprises the backbone of the island, the Daisetsu Mountains, and Kushiro Swamp that rare creatures inhabit.

Getting There:

Getting to Hokkaido By Plane (Domestic & International), Train, Ferry, Car or Bus and Getting to Niseko

Kita 3-jo, Nishi 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-8588 Japan
TEL: 011-231-4111(switchboard)
Website: http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/foreign/English.htm

  • Hokkaido Local Tourist Information Centers:

    • Northern Area:

      Name Address TEL
      Asahikawa 6-10,Asahikawa +81-166-25-7168
      Asahikawa Tourist Association 1,Tokiwa-dori,Asaikawa +81-166-23-0090
      Shibetsu Tourist Association West 2-5, Shibetsu +81-1652-9-2225
      Nayoro Minami 1-1, Odori, Nayoro +81-1654-3-2111
      Nayoro Sightseeing & Town Planning Association West 3 South 5,Nayoro +81-1654-9-6711
      Furano Tourism Association 1-26,Hinode-cho,Furano +81-167-23-3388
      Takasu 5-1,Minami 1 jo 3 chome,Takasu +81-166-87-2111
      Higashikagura 3-2, South 1 West 1,Higashikagura +81-166-83-2113
      Toma 11-1,3 jo Higashi 2,Toma +81-166-84-2111
      Pippu 1-2-1,Kita-machi,Pippu +81-166-85-2111
      Kamikawa 180,Minami-machi,Kamikawa +81-1658-2-1211
      Sounkyo Tourist Association 98-5, Chuocho, Kamikawa +81-1658-2-1811
      Higashikawa 1-16-1,Higashi-machi,Higashikawa +81-166-82-2111
      Biei 6-1,Motomachi 4 chome,Biei +81-166-92-4321
      Biei Town Tourist Association 2-14,Motomachi 1 chome,Biei +81-166-92-4378
      Kamifurano 2-2-11,O-machi,Furano +81-167-45-6983
      Kamifurano Tokachidake Tourist Association Central Plaza, 1-8, Nakamachi 1-chome, Kamifurano +81-167-45-3150
      Nakafurano Tourist Association 9-1,Hon-cho,Nakafurano +81-167-44-2121
      Minamifurano 867,Aza Ikutora,Minamifurano +81-167-52-2115
      Shimukappu Aza Chuo,Shimukappu +81-167-56-2121
      Wassamu 120,Nishi-machi,Wassamu +81-1653-2-2421
      Shimokawa 63,Saiwai-cho,Shimokawa +81-1655-4-2511
      Simokawa Tourist Association 6,Kyoei,Shimokawa +81-1655-4-2718
      Bifuka Tourist Association 1,E2 N5,Bifuka +81-1656-9-2470
      Nakagawa 337,Aza Nakagawa,Nakagawa +81-1656-7-2811
      Rumoi 1-11,Saiwai-cho,Rumoi +81-164-42-1840
      Rumoi Tourist Association 3-1, Omachi 2, Rumoi +81-164-43-6817
      Mashike Bentencho 3-chome,Mashike +81-164-53-1111
      Tomamae Tourist Association 37-1,Aza Asahi,Tomamae +81-1646-4-2212
      Haboro 1-1,Minami-machi,Haboro +81-1646-2-1211
      Shosambetsu 96-1,Shosambetsu,Shosambetsu +81-1646-7-2211
      Embetsu 3-37,Aza Hon-cho,Embetsu +81-1632-7-2111
      Teshio 8,Shinsakae-dori,Teshio +81-1632-2-1001
      Horonobe Tourist Association 1,Miyazono-cho,Horonobe +81-1632-5-1111
      Wakkanai 13-15,Chuo 3 chome,Wakkanai +81-162-23-6161
      Wakkanai Sightseeing Association 9-13,Chuo 3 chome,Wakkanai +81-162-24-1216
      Sarufutsu 172Nishi-machi,Onishibetsu,Sarufutsu +81-1635-2-3132
      Hamatombetsu Tourist Association Chuo Minami 1,Hamatombetsu +81-1634-2-2345
      Nakatombetsu Tourist Association Michi-no-eki "Pinneshiri"Binneshiri, Nakatombetsu +81-1634-6-1111
      Esashi 916,Hon-cho,Esashi +81-1636-2-1234
      Toyotomi Tourist Association Higashi 4 jo 3 chome,Toyotomi +81-162-82-1728
      Rebun island Tourist Association Aza Ton'nai,Kabuka Village,Rebun +81-1638-6-1001
      Rishirifuji Tourist Association Fujino,Oshidomari,Rishirifuji +81-1638-2-1114
      Rishiri-fuji Tourist Association 14-1,Aza Midori-machi,Kutsugata,Rishiri +81-1638-4-2345
    • Eastern Area:

      Name Address TEL
      Obihiro Tourism & Convention Bureau W2 S12,Obihiro +81-155-22-8600
      Otofuke Tokachigawa Onsen Tourist Association S14,Tokachigawa Onsen,Otofuke +81-155-32-6633
      Shihoro Tourist Association Shihoro Community Center, 225 Shihoro, Shihoro +81-1564-5-5213
      Kamishihoro Tourist Association Higashi 3-238,Aza Kamishihoro,Kamishihoro +81-1564-2-3355
      Shikaoi Tourism  Association 15,Higashi-machi,Shikaoi +81-1566-6-2311
      Shintoku Tourist Association 26,3 jo Minami 4,Shintoku +81-156-64-0522
      Nakasatsunai Tourist Association 3,Odori Minami 2,Nakasatsunai +81-155-67-2311
      Hiroo Tourist Association W4-7,Hiroo +81-1558-2-0177
      Ikeda Tourism Association W1-7,Ikeda +81-1557-2-2286
      Toyokoro Tourist Association 125,Moiwamoto-cho,Toyokoro +81-1557-4-2211
      Honbetsu Tourist Association 4-1,Kita 2,Honbetsu +81-1562-2-2141
      Ashoro Tourist Association Michi-no-eki "Ashoro Ginga Hall 21"1-1, Kita 1-jo, Ashoro +81-152-54-2111
      Urahoro Tourist Association Town Office, 15-6, Sakura-cho, Urahoro +81-15-576-2181
      Tokachi Tourist Association W2 S12,Obihiro +81-155-22-1370
      Kitami Tourist Association 5-4,Odori Nishi 1,Kitami +81-157-32-9900
      On'neyu Onsen Tourist Association On'neyu Onsen, Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami +81-157-45-2921
      Abashiri S6 E4,Abashiri +81-152-44-6111
      Abashiri Tourism Association 2-2,Shin-machi,Abashiri +81-152-44-5849
      Mombetsu 2-1-18,Saiwai-cho,Mombetsu +81-1582-4-2117
      Mombetsu Tourist Association 5-24-1,Saiwai-cho,Mombetsu +81-1582-4-3900
      Higashimokoto Tourist Association 393,Aza Suehiro,Higashimokoto +81-152-66-3111
      NPO Memambetsu Tourist Association 2-7, Memambetsu Hondori, Ozora +81-1527-4-4323
      Bihoro Tourism and  Products Association 97-2,Aza Shin-machi 3chome,Bihoro +81-1527-3-2211
      Tsubetsu Tourist Association 41,Aza Saiwai-cho,Tsubetsu +81-1527-6-2151
      NPO Shiretoko Shari Tourist Association 29-8, Honcho,Shari +81-152-22-2125
      NPO Kiyosato Tourist Association Suigencho 12, Kiyosato +81-152-25-4111
      Koshimizu Tourist Association 217,Aza Koshimizu,Koshimizu +81-152-62-2311
      Oketo Tourist Association 181,Aza Oketo-cho, Oketo +81-157-52-3311
      Saroma Tourist Association 3,Eidai-cho,Saroma +81-1587-2-3448
      Engaru Tourist Association Minami 2-chom, Iwamidori, Engaru +81-1584-2-5201
      Kamiyubetsu Tourist Association 3021-1,Aza Nakayubetsu,Kamiyubetsu +81-1586-2-3600
      Yubetsu Tourist Association 112-1,Sakae-machi,Yubetsu +81-1586-4-3200
      Takinoue Sakaemachi, Takinoue +81-15829-2111
      Omu Honmachi, Omu +81-1588-4-2121
      Kushiro City 7-5, Kurogane-cho, Kushiro +81-154-31-4549
      Kushiro Tourism Association 3-3,Saiwai-cho,Kushiro +81-154-31-1993
      Akan Tourist Association 2-1-15,Akanko Onsen-cho, Akan-cho, Kushiro +81-154-67-2254
      Kushiro Town 1-1,Beppo,Kushiro +81-154-62-2111
      Akkeshi 1-2-1,Aza Shin'ei-cho,Akkeshi +81-153-52-3131
      Akkeshi Tourist Association 1-2-1,Aza Shin'ei-cho,Akkeshi +81-153-52-3131
      Hamanaka 35-1, Higashi 4-1, Kiritappu,Hamanaka +81-153-62-2111
      Hamanaka Tourist Association 35-1, Higashi 4-1, Kiritappu,Hamanaka +81-153-62-2111
      Shibecha 4-2, Kawakami, Shibecha +81-1548-5-2111
      Shibecha Tourist Association 5-23, Asahi 2, Shibecha +81-15-485-2264
      Teshikaga 3-1, Chuo 2-chome, Teshikaga +81-1548-2-2191
      Mashuko Tourist Association 3-1,Mashu 3-chome, Teshikaga +81-1548-2-2200
      Tsurui West 1-1,Tsurui, Tsurui Village +81-154-64-2112
      Shiranuka 1-1,W1 S1,Shiranuka +81-1547-2-2171
      Nemuro City Tourist Association 2-10,Kowa-cho,Nemuro +81-153-24-3104
      Betsukai Tourist Association 280,Betsukai Tokiwa-cho,Betsukai +81-1537-5-2111
      Nakashibetsu 2-22,Maruyama,Nakashibetsu +81-1537-3-3111
      Shibetsu 1-3,N2 W1,Shibetsu +81-1538-2-2131
      Rausu 100-83,Sakae-machi,Rausu +81-1538-7-2162
    • Central Area:

      Name Address TEL
      Sapporo N1 W2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo +81-11-211-2376
      Sapporo Tourist Association 2fl.,City Hall,N1 W2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Tel: 011-211-3341
      Fax: 011-231-1970
      Municipal City of Sapporo (Also Provide Tourism Information) Kita 1 Nishi 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City (Sapporo-shi), Hokkaido Prefecture 060-8611 Phone: 011-211-2111 (outside of Japan, +81-11-211-2111) (in Japanese)
      Open: from 8:45 to 17:15, Monday through Friday (except for National Holidays)
      Municipal City of Sapporo Govt. Website: http://www.city.sapporo.jp/city/english/
      Sapporo Information Service: http://www.sapporolife.info/english/index.html
      Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation: http://www.plaza-sapporo.or.jp/plaza_sapporolife/en/index.html
      Former Hokkaido Government Office in Sapporo 6 Kita 3 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture 060-0003, Japan Tel: 81-11-231-4111
      Sapporo Convention Center 1-1-1 Higashi-Sapporo 6-jo, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo City (Sapporo-shi), Hokkaido Prefecture 003-0006, Japan Phone: TEL: +81-11-817-1010
      FAX: +81-11-820-4300
      Office hours 9:00-18:00
      Website: http://www.sora-scc.jp/eng/index.html
      Jozankei Hot Springs Tourism Association (Jozankei Tourist Association) 3-222 Jozankeionsenhigashi, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture 061-2302, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 42.966006,141.16667799999999] Tel: +81 11-598-2012, +81 11-598-2537
      Sapporo Snow Festival 2 Kita 1 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo City (Sapporo-shi), Hokkaido Prefecture 060-0001, Japan Tel: 011-211-3341
      Fax: 011-211-2376
      Website: http://www.snowfes.com/english/
      Susukino Tourist Association Old Hosui Elementary School,S8 W2 Chuo-ku,Sapporo City (Sapporo-shi), Chuo Ward, Hokkaido Prefecture 064-0808, Japan Tel: 011-518-2005
      Fax: 011-518-2004
      Website: http://www.susukino-ta.jp/ (Japanese only)
      Ebetsu Tourist Association 6 Takasagocho, Ebetsu, Hokkaido Prefecture 067-0074, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 43.103743999999999,141.53616] TEL: 011-381-1023
      Fax: 011-381 -1072
      E-mail: kan...@city.ebetsu.lg.jp
      Chitose 2-34,Shinonome-cho,Chitose +81-123-24-3131
      Chitose Tourist Association Shinchitose Airport,Bibi,Chitose +81-123-45-7062
      Eniwa 1,Kyo-machi,Eniwa +81-123-33-3131
      Eniwa City Sightseeing Association (Eniwa Tourism Association) 817-18 Minamishimamatsu, Eniwa, Hokkaido Prefecture 061-1375, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 42.897265999999995,141.585667] TEL :0123-37-8787
      FAX :0123-37-8760
      E-Mail: Postmasterattoeniwa.Org
      Kitahiroshima Tourist Association 4-2-1,Chuo,Kitahiroshima +81-11-372-3311
      Ishikari 30-2,6 jo 1 chome,Hanakawa kita,Ishikari +81-133-72-3167
      Ishikari Tourist Association Ishikari Office:
      107 Oyafunecho, Ishikari, Hokkaido Prefecture 061-3377, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 43.243640999999997,141.35095699999999]
      E-mail: unjo...@muse.ocn.ne.jp

      Atsuta Office (Northern Ishikari Chamber of Commerce):
      47-4 Atsutaku Atsuta, Ishikari, Hokkaido Prefecture 061-3601, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 43.399274000000005,141.43537599999999]
      TEL: (0133)78-2513
      E-mail: ats...@ishikari-kankou.net

      Shinshinotsu Tourist Association Kita 13,Dai 47 Sen,Shinshinotsu +81-126-57-2111
      Otaru 2-12-1,Hanazono,Otaru +81-134-32-4111
      Otaru Tourist Association 2-1-20,Ironai,Otaru +81-134-33-2510
      Suttsu 40-1Aza Oshima,Suttsu +81-136-62-2511
      Kuromatsunai Tourist Association 631-20,Aza Kuromatsunai,Kuromatsunai +81-136-72-3231
      Rankoshi 258-5,Rankoshi +81-136-57-5111
      Rankoshi Tourist Association 258-5,Rankoshi +81-136-57-5111
      Niseko 47,Aza Fujimi,Niseko +81-136-44-2152
      Niseko Resort Tourist Association Ltd. 77-10,Aza Moto-machi,Niseko +81-136-44-2420
      Makkari Tourist Association 35,Aza Makkari,Makkari +81-136-45-2243
      Rusutsu 175,Aza Rusutsu,Rusutsu +81-136-46-3131
      Kimobetsu 123,Aza Kimobetsu,Kimobetsu +81-136-33-2211
      Kyogoku Tourist Association 527,Aza Kyogoku,Kyogoku Tel: +81-136-42-2111
      Fax: 0136-42-3155
      Kutchan N1 E3,Kuchan +81-136-22-1121
      Kutchan Association of Tourism N1 E3,Kuchan +81-136-22-1121
      Kyowa 38-2,Minamihoroni,Kyowa +81-135-73-2011
      Kyowa Tourist Association 38-2,Minamihoroni,Kyowa +81-135-73-2011
      Iwanai Tourist Association 47-1,Aza Bandai,Iwanai +81-135-62-1184
      Tomari 191-7,Aza Usubetsu,Oaza Kayanuma,Tomari +81-135-75-2101
      Kamoenai 81-4,Oaza Kamoenai Village,Kamoenai +81-135-76-5011
      Shakotan 48,Aza Funama,Oaza Bikuni,Shakotan +81-135-44-2111
      Shakotan Tourist Association 380-6,Aza Funama,Oaza Bikuni,Shakotan +81-135-44-3715
      Furubira 40-4,Aza Hama-machi,Furubira +81-135-42-2181
      Niki Tourism Association 16-121,Higashi-machi,Niki +81-135-32-2711
      Yoichi 26,Asahi-cho,Yoichi +81-135-21-2125
      Muroran 1-2,Saiwai-cho,Muroran +81-143-22-1111
      Muroran Tourist Association 2-1-25,Kaigan-cho,Muroran +81-143-23-102
      Tomakomai 4-5-6,Asahi-machi,Tomakomai +81-144-32-6448
      Tomakomai Tourism Association (Inc.):
      6-4-3 Omotemachi, Tomakomai, Hokkaido Prefecture 053-0022, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 42.639458999999995,141.59699799999999] Tel: +81 144-34-7050, +81 144-34-2000
      FAX: (0144) 37-3311
      Noboribetsu 60,Noboribetsu Onsen-cho,Noboribetsu +81-143-84-2018
      Noboribetsu Tourist Association 60,Noboribetsu Onsen-cho,Noboribetsu +81-143-84-3311
      NPO Date Tourist Association 57-1,Umemoto-cho,Date +81-142-25-5567
      Toyako Toyako Onsen 142, Toyako +81-142-75-4400
      Toyako Onsen Tourist Association Toyako Onsen 144, Toyako +81-142-75-2446
      Toya Tourist Association Toya-cho 100, Toyako +81-142-75-4400
      Sobetsu 245,Aza Takino-machi,Sobetsu +81-142-66-2121
      Sobetsu Tourist Association Sobetsu Information Center I, 384-1, Takino-cho, Sobetsu +81-142-66-2750
      Shiraoi 1-1-1,Omachi,Shiraoi +81-144-82-2121
      Shiraoi Tourist Association 3-1, Wakakusa-cho 2-chome, Shiraoi +81-144-82-2216
      Abira Town 95, Hayakita Omachi, Abira +81-145-22-2514
      Atsuma Tourist Association 120,Kyo-machi,Atsuma +81-145-27-2321
      Hobetsu Tourist Association 39-5,Aza Hobetsu,Hobetsu +81-1454-5-3610
      Mukawa Tourist Association 1-24,Matsukaze-cho,Mukawa +81-1454-7-2480
      Hidaka Tourist Association 299-1,Higashi 3,Hon-cho,Hidaka +81-1457-6-2001
      Biratori Tourist Association 28,Hon-cho,Biratori +81-1457-2-2221
      Shinhidaka Tourist Association 5-1-21, Shizunai Honcho, Shinhidaka +81-146-42-1000
      Niikappu Tourist Association 44,Aza Hon-cho,Niikappu +81-1464-7-2421
      Urakawa Tourist Association 1-36,Odori,Urakawa +81-146-22-2366
      Samani Tourist Association 2, Odori 2-chome, Samani +81-1463-6-2416
      Erimo Tourist Association 86-1,Aza Hon-cho,Erimo +81-1466-2-2241
      Yubari 4,Hon-cho,Yubari +81-1235-2-3131
      Iwamizawa City Tourist Association 1 jo Nishi 1,Iwamizawa +81-126-22-3470
      Bibai Tourism and Products Association W2 S2,1-1,Bibai +81-1266-3-4196
      Ashibetsu 3,N1 E1,Ashibetsu +81-124-22-2111
      Ashibetsu Tourist Association 3,N1 E1,Ashibetsu +81-1242-2-2424
      Akabira Tourist Association 4-1,Izumi-machi,Akabira +81-125-32-2211
      Mikasa 2,Saiwai-cho,Mikasa +81-1267-2-3997
      Mikasa Tourist Association 6-5,Saiwai-cho,Mikasa +81-1267-3-2828
      Takikawa Tourist Association 1F, Smile Bldg., 9-2, Sakae-machi 3, Takikawa +81-125-23-0030
      Fukagawa Tourist Association 2-17-17,Fukagawa +81-164-26-2264
      Naganuma 1-1,Chuo Kita 1,Naganuma +81-1238-8-2111
      Kuriyama 3-252,Matsukaze,Kuriyama +81-123-72-1111
      Tsukigata Tourist Association 1219,Tsukigata +81-126-53-2321
      Shintotsukawa 301-1,Aza Chuo,Shintotukawa +81-125-76-2134
      Chippubetsu 4101,Chippubetsu +81-164-33-2111
      Uryu Tourist Association Dai 8 chonai,Uryu +81-125-77-2155
      Hokuryu 11-1,Aza Yawara,Hokuryu +81-164-34-2111
      Numata Tourist Association 6-53, Minami 1-jo 3-chome, Numata +81-164-35-2112
      Horokanai Tourist Association Aza Horokanai,Horokanai +81-1653-5-2380
    • Southern Area:

      Name Address TEL
      Hakodate 4-13,Shinonome-cho,Hakodate +81-138-21-3323
      Hakodate International Tourism and Convention Association Old British Consulate,33-14,Moto-machi,Hakodate +81-138-27-3535
      Matsumae 248,Fukuyama,Matsumae +81-1394-2-2275
      Matsumae Tourist Association 116,Fukuyama,Matsumae +81-1394-2-2726
      Hokuto Tourist Association 4-1, Inari 3-chome, HOkuto +81-138-73-2408
      Nanae 568-3,Aza Hon-cho,Nanae +81-138-65-2511
      Onuma Tourist Association 85-15,Aza Onuma-cho,Nanae +81-138-67-3020
      Shikabe Miyahama 299, Shikabe +81-1372-7-2111
      Mori 144-1,Aza Miyuki-cho,Mori +81-1374-2-2181
      Mori Tourist Association 6-22,Aza Hon-cho,Mori +81-1374-2-2432
      Yakumo 138,Sumizome-cho,Yakumo +81-1376-2-2111
      Yakumo Tourist Association 110-1,Hon-cho,Yakumo +81-1376-3-2525
      Oshamanbe 453-1,Aza Oshamanbe,Oshamanbe +81-1377-2-2455
      Esashi Tourism Convention Association 193-1,Aza Nakauta-cho,Esashi +81-1395-2-4815
      Kaminokuni 100,Aza Odome,Kaminokuni +81-1395-5-2311
      Kaminokuni Tourist Association 244,Aza Odome,Kaminokuni +81-1395-5-2121
      Assabu 207,Shin-machi,Assabu +81-1396-4-3311
      Otobe 388,Aza Midori-machi,Otobe +81-1396-2-2311
      Okushiri 806,Aza Okushiri,Okushiri +81-1397-2-2351
      Setana Tourist Association 365-4,Aza Hon-cho,Setana +81-1378-7-2888
      Imakane Tourist Association 142-39,Aza Imakane,Imakane +81-1378-2-3561
National Park Resort Villages of Japan, Qkamura (NPRV/Kyukamura hotels)

National Park Resort Villages NPRV/ Kyukamura hotels is not another chain of resort hotels. First, regardless of their locations, all of 36 villages are favorably situated within the territories, of National Parks. In other words, every facility is caressed by Mother Nature. Second. NPRV is a place where you can stay longer, get close to vast wilderness and have fun in a variety of recreational activities. NPRV is open to all. Why not find a destination of your choice and have a great holiday. NPRV is operated by National Park Resort Villages of Japan, a foundation supported by MOE (Ministry of Environment).
National Park Resort Villages of Japan, Qkamura (NPRV/Kyukamura hotels)
2-10-2 Nishitenma, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 34.696556899999997,135.50172889999999]
TEL: +81 6-6311-1220
NPRV Website: http://www.nihon-kankou.or.jp/
Japan Travel Tourism Association (Japan National regional tourism information center): http://www.nihon-kankou.or.jp/

Scenic Byway Hokkaido Resource Center

2丁目1, Minami 1 Johigashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido [Geo Coordinate: 43.060707199999996,141.35959270000001]
Tel: 011-204-7107 (9:30~17:30)
FAX: 011-204-7108
E-mail: info...@scenicbyway.jp
Website: http://www.scenicbyway.jp/english/index_e.html

Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel Inc.

Offer tour packages in the Ishikari Subprefecture (Ishikari-shinko-kyoku) Area eight cities and villasges of Hokkaido prefecture: Shinshinotsu village (Shinshinotsu-mura), Ishikari City(Ishikari-shi), Tobetsu Town(Tobetsu-cho), Kitahiroshima city ( Kitahiroshima-shi), Chitose City (Chitose-shi), Ebetsu City (Ebetsu-shi), Eniwa City (Eniwa-shi), Sapporo City (Sapporo-shi)

3F- B1 5-1-1 Higashi Sapporo Shiroishiku Sapporo, Hokkaido,
003-0005 Japan
Tel: 81-11-826-3828
Fax: 81-11 815-0886
Email: i...@hokkaido-sightseeig.com
Office Hours 9:00-18:00

Hokkaido Government Ishikari Subprefectural Bureau

6 Kita, 3 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-8588, Japan [Geo Coordinate: 43.064309,141.346832]
Tel: 011-231-4111
Website: http://www.ishikari.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/
Hokkaido Prefecture Government Portal Website: http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/foreign/English.htm

Hokkaido Central Tourist Information Center

Itokato Bldg., 1, N4 W4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0004
TEL: +81-11-231-0941 FAX: +81-11-232-5064
Hokkaido Official Tourist Information Website: http://en.visit-hokkaido.jp/

Other Hokkaido Links:
Shiretoko, the World Nature Heritage Homepage (Dept. of Environment & Lifestyle): http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/ks/skn/ssi/shiretokoHP-en/top-e.htm
Western Hokkaido (Shiribeshi Subprefectural Office): http://www.shiribeshi.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/ss/srk/en/index.htm
Hokkaido-Sapporo "Food and Tourism" Information Center (Office of Tourism): http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/kz/kkd/information-english.htm
Hokkaido Tours: http://www.bfh.jp/tour/
Moerenuma Park: http://www.sapporo-park.or.jp/moere/english.php
Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery: http://www.nikka.com/eng/distilleries/yoichi.html
Kiritappu Marsh Center: http://www.kiritappu.or.jp/English/index.html
Japan Rail Hakodate: http://jr.hakodate.jp/global/english/default.htm or http://www2.jrhokkaido.co.jp/global/index.html
Hakodate Bus Web Site: http://www.hotweb.or.jp/hakobus/ (Japanese)
Hakodate City Tram Department Website: http://www.city.hakodate.hokkaido.jp/transport/ (Japanese)
Donan Bus, Sapporo Branch: 011-865-5511
Hokuto Kotsu, Hakodate-ekimae Terminal (in front of Hakodate Station): 0138-22-3265
Hokkaido Chuo Bus: 011-231-0600
Hokkaido Bus (in Sapporo): 011-881-2011
Konan Bus, Aomori Branch: 017-726-7575
JR Bus Tohoku, Aomori-ekimae, JR Bus Ticket Office (near Aomori Station): 017-773-5722
Hassha All Right (all clear) Net
Kosoku (express) Bus Net
Hakodate Airport: 0138-57-8881
Japan Airlines (JAL): 0570-025-071
All Nippon Airways (ANA): 0570-029-222
Hokkaido International Airlines (AIR DO): 011-271-4477
Hokkaido Air System (HAC): 011-330-0220
Korean Air Lines (KAL): 0088-21-2001
Trans Asia Airways : 86-2-4498-123(Taiwan)

Ferry Companies

Taiheiyo Ferry
Nagoya - Sendai - Tomakomai
Sendai - Tomakomai
Tel: 81-11-281-3311
Shin Nihonkai Ferry
Tsuruga - Nigata - Akita - Tomakomai Higashi
Tsuruga - Tomakomai Higashi
Maizuru - Tomakomai Higashi
Maizuru - Otaru
Nigata - Otaru
Tsuruga - Otaru (designated days)
Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry
Aomori - Hakodate
Oma - Hakodate
Tel: 0138-43-4545(Hakodate), 017-766-4733(Aomori)
MOL Ferry Co., Ltd.
Oarai - Tomakomai
Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen
Hachinohe - Tomakomai
Seikan Ferry
Tel: 0138-42-5561(Hakodate), 017-782-3671(Aomori)