Hakone town (Hakone-machi) Onsen Area

Hakone town (Hakone-machi) Onsen Area

Hakone town (Hakone-machi) is an international tourist resort renowned for the magnificent views of Mt. Fuji over Lake Ashinoko. Hakone retains the atmosphere of a post-station town on the highway Tokaido in the Edo period. From the deck of the Sightseeing Ship modeled on medieval sailing vessels links Togendai Port and Hakone-machi Port or Moto-Hakone Port in 30 minutes, enjoy the Lake Ashi Cruise, offering you the chance to savor the numerous delights of the four seasons of nature. Odawara Castle was the residence of Lord Hojo, a feudal lord in Japan's Warring States period. Yugawara is a town famous for hot springs. The total area was 92.82 km². Hakone has been designated as a Geopark by UNESCO. This area is rich in natural beauties, hot springs for relaxing experience, and valuable historical assets. See: Hakone town (Hakone-machi) Area Guide

  • Hakone town (Hakone-machi) Open-Air Onsen

    Hakone Hotel
    Phone: 0460-83-6311
    Address: Hakone 65
    Takumi-no-yado Yoshimatsu
    Phone: 0460-83-6661
    Address: Hakone 521
    Phone: 0460-83-6377
    Address: Hakone 138
  • Hakone town (Hakone-machi) Public Onsen:

    Open: 10am – 2pm
    Closed: N/A
    Fee: Y500
    Phone: (0460) 3-6890
    Address: Hakone 433

Hakone-machi Port Tourist Facilities: http://www.hakonenavi.jp/english/traffic/stations/hakonemachiko.html