Dining in Ishigaki

Yaeyama Kamaboku, Dining in Ishigaki
There is a lot of dining in Ishigaki! It's popularity as a tourist destination has allowed for the flourishing of many different kinds of restaurants. There are japanese style izakayas, yakiniku restaurants, big eating places, small eating places....everything to satisfy your hunger. Enjoy! Famous Yaeyama cuisine includes Yaeyama Soba, Yaeyama Kamaboku, Ishigaki Beef, and Mozuku. The area also offers all of the delicacies that you can find on mainland Okinawa...some with a twist. The best way to enjoy cuisine in Yaeyama is to just explore the different restaurants that are found throughout the town and the islands. If you would like, please give the below eating establishments a try! You can find their locations on the english guide map.
  • Meiyoken Curry Restaurant
    Meiyoken Curry Restaurant Phone: 83-7320 (Shinei-Cho 10-7) Open from 11:30~22:00 (Closed on Mondays) Delicious curries as well as a variety of western style food. This restaurant has a very friendly atmosphere and lunch meals include an all you can eat salad as well as self service drinks.
  • KAPI Asian Kitchen
    KAPI Asian Kitchen Phone and Fax: 82-2113(Okawa 199-102) Open from 11:30~15:00, 17:30~23:00 (Closed on Thursdays) Southeast Asian Cuisine that will delight your taste buds. English Menu is available.
  • GO! GO! Cafe
    GO! GO! Cafe Phone: 83-5126 Open from 10:30-22:00 (Closed on Tuesdays) Located on Yui Road. Features a wide menu of tasty hawaiian style items. Also features delicious burgers which are made from Ishigaki Beef. At night, the restuarant has garlic toast, salads, and lots of volume to fill your stomach.
  • Genoa Crepe and Pizza
    Genoa Crepe and Pizza Phone: 88-5470 (Tonoshiro 1 - Right behind the Chisun Resort Hotel) Open from 10:00-21:00 (Closed on Wednesdays) Yummy thin crust pizzas, pasta, ice cream filled crepes, and much more can be found in this small restuarant. There are over 50 items on the menu. Most items can be changed from ala carte to a set by adding 200 yen.
  • Vanilla Deli
    Vanilla Deli Phone and Fax: 83-3270 (Ishigaki 12-2 1F) Open from 10:00-24:00 (Open Everyday) New York Style menu items..in addition to coffees, cappuccinos, and many other drinks that will help to satisfy your sweet tooth. All items made into take out.
  • Ma-Sando
    Ma-Sando Phone: 83-4050 Open from 10:00-22:00 (Open Everyday) This restaurant offers a very good selection of local dishes including Yaeyama Soba. They also serve a very tasty melt in your mouth soki soba. Give the restaurant a try and stick one of your business cards on their wall.
  • Chisun Resort Hotel Restaurant Harbor side (Located in the Chisun Resort Hotel)
    Chisun Resort Hotel Restaurant Harbor side Phone: 82-6161 Open from 11:30~14:00 Lunch, 14:00~18:00 Brunch, 18:00~22:00 Dinner This restaurant has a good lunch buffet for just 980 yen. The buffet is open daily from 11:30am-2:00pm. Dinner is also available.
  • A&W All American Food
    A&W All American Food Phone: 83-1234 (Okawa 245) Burgers, Fries, and Root Beer are the mainstay for this restaurant. The restaurant has a picture menu which is convenient for customers who cannot speak Japanese.
  • Asahi Shokudou
    Phone: 82-3234 (Tonoshiro 218 - Across from Hotspar) Open from 11:30-21:00 (Closed on Sundays) Simple local restaurant with lots of food and good food! Give it a try. Prices are very reasonable starting at just 400 yen.
  • Yunta Restaurant and Bar
    Phone: 82-7118 (Located on City Hall Road) Open from 17:00-23:00 Excellent food with a nice atmosphere..conveniently located on the main street (very close to Hotspar). Occasionally offers an all-you can drink special for 1,500 yen.
  • Gelato Ishigaki
    Phone: 87-8055 Fax: 87-8054 (Tonoshiro 485 - Near Manta Park) Delicious italian style with local flavors. Flavors include Milk, Awamori, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cheese, Pineapple, Pistachio, Caramel, Mango, Goya, Ishigaki Salt, Shikwasa, and Ahsa. They have regular sizes or you can get one large cone with two little cones attached on. This way, you can try out three flavors. Eat it fast because it melts quick in Ishigaki's weather.
  • Cafe Taniwha
    Phone: 88-6352 Open from 11:00~23:00 (Closed on Sunday and Monday) Great atmosphere and yummy food and drinks! Great place to meet locals, adverturers, and many english speaking people. The owner has travelled around the world extensively on his boat and is very knowledgeable and interesting. Stop by, have a chat, and relax.
  • Kaisen Kan
    Kaisen Kan Phone: 84-2121 (Yashima-Cho 2-4) Open from 11:30~14:00 (Closed on Wednesdays) Located very close to the Tonoshiro Boat Harbor, this restaurant is open during lunch. The shop specializes in using fresh fish that is only caught in the Yaeyama area. Excellent cuisine at a reasonable price.
    Phone: 88-7083 (Maezato 193-1) Open from 11:30 daily Excellent shoreside location restaurant which is refreshing, relaxing, and which offers unique and tasty dishes. They have lunch set, drinks, and even deserts.
  • Majun Fresh Creme Cheese
    Phone: 82-7207 (Shinei-Cho, Very Near to the Gas Station Eneos) Open from 12pm~5pm (Closed on Mondays) Fresh creme cheese made using jersey and cow milk. Very delicious! They have a type of yogurt creme cheese which is almost like ice cream. The shop also sells creme cheese that goes well with saltines or any type of crackers. Give it a try because you wont be disappointed.
  • Mos Burger
    Mos Burger This fast food chain mainly features hamburger meals. Their original MOS Burger has a unique taste that many foreigners and Japanese alike have come to enjoy. Open from 10:00am.
  • Mahi Mahi Hawaiian Dessert Bar
    One internet terminal which can be used when you place an order. This is a Hawaii-themed restaurant. Located at the end of Ayapani Mall.
  • Ishigaki Net Cafe/Bar
    Located above Mahi Mahi Café at the corner of the Ayapani Mall. One drink purchase will allow you to use the internet for one hour. For every ten minutes over one hour, it will cost you 50 yen or you can simply purchase another drink. They also have a menu of various foods. Open daily from 11:00am-3am.