Fujinomiya City

Mt. Fuji & Nature

Mt. Fuji & Nature Why do the Japanese love Mt. Fuji? It is not just because it is the highest peak in Japan. The magnificent summit reaching above a lush, green, forest; the mysterious silhouette reflected in the water; the mountain's changing visage through the seasons shows the real beauty of nature. No matter how often you see it, it never fails to impress. Just one hour from the...

Fujinomiya Fall Festival

The fall festival at Sengen-shrine is a thanksgiving festival for harvest. People enjoy bon-dancing and parading with dashi (floats) among other activities. Miyamairi and Yomatsuri will be held on November 3rd. Miyamairi is a ceremony to pray to the goddess of safety. "Fujinomiya Ondo(Dance)", a dance for the goddess, is performed in front of the main hall of the...

Sightseeing of Fujinomiya City

Sightseeing of Fujinomiya City There are plenty of fascinating places in the region surrounding Fujinomiya, such as Shiraitono-taki(waterfall), Lake Tanuki and Asagiri Plateau. There are also a number of cultural treasures such as the pagoda at Taisekiji Temple and Fujisan Sengen shrine, and so on.