Ita and Osezaki (Ose) Diving of Izu Peninsula

Ita and Osezaki (Ose) Diving of Izu Peninsula

Ita is a gently curving bay on the west coast of Izu just south of Osezaki. Backed by paddy fields and mountains, this is one of the most tranquil, isolated diving locations in Izu. Facing due west with great views of Mt. Fuji on a clear day, Ita can be cold and bleak in bad weather. Since all the dives here are shore entries located across a beach from football-sized boulders, its worth checking the wave conditions before you leave.

Unlike most sites in Izu, there is no harbor or boat operation. Divers gear up on the sea wall and enter across the beach. the Village and Minshuku with hot springs are some 200 meters inland. Changing and Shower facilities are conveniently placed next to the beach. While this might put off less hardy divers, Ita is well worth the effort to get away from the crowds.
Ita bay on the west coast of Izu


Cape Ose and the Kumomi Coast are visited year-round by largo numbers of scuba divers. The clear water allows you to experience the full beauty of the underwater coral formations. Apart from the tranquility and the view of Fuji, Ita is blessed with one of the most hospitable minshuku you will find. Visitors always remember a stay in Ita because of the wonderful Japanese dinner and rich western breakfast. Strong seas during the typhoon season have piled up boulders from the surrounding cliffs to produce a steep shelving rocky beach that drops off to 35 meters a short distance from shore.

It's also possible to visit Osezaki on the when in the area. This place is a 15-minute drive north of Ita by car. Osezaki features an abundant marine life, with the most species of small critters found around the peninsula. Osezaki even published its very own fish guidebook. Dives here are usually to shallower depths of 20 meters. Night diving can be arranged upon request.


The sandy bottom at the base of the drop off means a strong possibility of lionfish, frogfish, and seahorse encounters, and as usual in Izu, everything is covered in a dazzling array of soft coral.
Cape Osezaki (Ose) Coast of Izu Peninsula - best viewing spots in Numazu



This steep shelving rocky beach drops off to 35 meters a short distance from shore.


Ideal for novice divers, this spot features easy beach entries across a sandy bottom, gradually descending to 15 meters.


More difficult entry across football-sized boulders, but well worth a visit to enjoy the abundant and healthy coral vegetation.


Entry conditions are similar to Ipponmatsu. occasionally, the famous ocean sunfish can be seen passing along the quick dropping stony reef.


Ita is virtually inaccessible accept by road. From Odawara, the journey takes approximately two and a half hours. Unfortunately, the return transfer ends at Mishmima Shinkansen Station due to the height of Hakone Bypass on the way back to Odawara, which rises over 900 meters above sea level. This would risk the chance of DCS related injuries.


Because of its remoteness, all charters to Ita/Osezaki are 48 hours staying in the traditional Japanese minshuku in the village.

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