Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi) - Lovely View of Mt. Fuji, Between Southern Alps and Suruga Bay

Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi)

Thrilling new encounters are awaiting you. Between the cloud skirted ridges of the Southern Alps/ Minami Arupusu (Akaishi Mountains) and the deep blue waters of Suruga Bay lies a land of rich in nature and ancient cultural traditions. Nature, warm hearts, flavors, history, and an exciting future are a part of Shizuoka City's grand landscape. Come and experience the new encounters and sensations of Shizuoka City (Shizuoka-shi).

Sharing in the fun. With their involvement in traditional festival and Shizuoka City events, the excitement and cheers of the people echo throughout the city as they come together.