Fujiyoshida City - Gateway to Mt. Fuji trail

Fujiyoshida City - Gateway to Mt. Fuji trail

The official climbing season on Mt. Fuji is from July 1 to August 27. Climbers on the north side of Mt. Fuji use the Yoshidaguchi climbing trail, which runs all the way from Fujiyoshida City to the summit. Points along the climbing trail are called "Stations," where lodgings and emergency services are located. The Fuji Subaru Line toll road joins the trail at the 5th Station, halfway up the mountain. Including a few breaks, it usually takes 5 hours to climb from the base to the 5th Station, 6 hours from the 5th Station to the summit, and another 4 hours to descend to the 5th Station on the Yoshidaguchi trail. Be sure you are in proper shape for the fairly strenuous climbing required for Mt. Fuji. Remember, there were 2 deaths on the Yoshidaguchi trail last summer.

Local Culture of Fujiyoshida

Life of the Japanese is divided into days which center around labor and days spent in festivities. From the celebrations of an individual of family to shrine and regional activities, people worshipped and gave thanks as a part of everyday life.

You can find artifacts of local food, agriculture, and festivals here, including the well-known Yoshida Fire Festival dedicated to the end of a safe climbing season on Mt. Fuji.

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