Yamanashi Rock Climbing Areas, Rock Climbing Gyms

Yamanashi Rock Climbing Areas, Rock Climbing Gyms


Location Shikishima-cho
Season All seasons.  Cold in winter
Rock Faces and slabs.  Up to 20 meters.
Info You can stay at Climber’s House (Tel: 0552-77-0430) for 1200 yen per night.  Food can be purchased on your way to Tachioka-yama.  Make sure you bring your own water.
Getting there By car: About 30 minutes from Ryuo Interchange or Nirasaki Interchange via the Chuo Expressway.  There is a parking area.  Then 20 minutes by foot to Oyama rock by foot.

Rock Climbing Gyms

  • Dragon Wall (Indoors)

    Location Uenohara-machi
    Contact Phone:
    Hours 10am to 9pm
    Closed Friday
    Fees 1500 yen per
    40000-yen annual membership
    Discount tickets available (Student discount available)
  • Take Art Wall (Indoors)

    Location Tamaho-cho
    Contact Phone: 0552-73-9084
    Hours 7pm to 10pm
    Closed Thursday, Sunday and holidays
    Fees 1000 yen per day
    Must call in advance
  • Ashiyasu-mura Climbing Wall (Outdoors)

    Location Ashiyasu-mura
    Contact Phone: 0552-88-2244
    Hours 9am to 5pm
    Closed Tuesday
    Fees 200 yen for adults
    100 yen for J.H. school students and younger
  • Step (Indoors)

    Location Nirasaki-shi
    Contact Phone: 0551-23-5743
    Hours Contact Mr. Shimura (0551-22-2785) or Mr. Miyashita (0265-76-8158) in advance
    Discount tickets available
    Climbing school available
    Fees 1000 yen for annual registration
    1000 yen per day (member)
    1500 yen per day (visitor)

Many of Fuji-yama Guide’s Japanese clients will continue to climb more difficult mountains, try rock climbing, or start skiing and snowboarding. Mt. Fuji is the perfect place for beginning mountain climbers because it is such a famous mountain. And, the climbing trail is physically challenging but not technically difficult. Fujiyama Guides has catered to international clients. They provide a great and unique experience thanks to their love of the mountain and near-native English ability.