Onigajo (Demon’s Castle)/Shishiiwa (Lion Rock)

Onigajo (Demon’s Castle)

The rugged one-kilometer coastline facing Kumano-nada Sea was created by earthquakes and powerful wave erosion. According to Legends, Oni a monster of ancient Japan lived in the rugged cliff-face now called Onigajo (Demon’s Castle), and the various caves that look out to sea still seem to offer a perfect dwelling place for demons. The cliff also features a huge rock 25 meters high that resembles a lion looking out to sea. There is a cafe on one side which is in the perfect spot for viewing. A hiking course which connects with the old Kumano Road is provided.
Shishiiwa (Lion Rock), Kumano City (Kumano-shi)
Shichiri Mihama Beach extends from Onigajo, famous for its sea cliffs in Kumano City, Mie Prefecture, to the mouth of the Kumano River and comprises a straight-line coastal area that is rare for the Ise Peninsula, which is primarily bordered by a sawtooth coastline.

Kumano Fireworks Festival

Experience Japanese History through town scape of each year and traditional culture. In recent years the self-exploding Onigajo fireworks of Shichiri Mihama Beach shoreline have become famous, becoming the Kumano Road's greatest poetic charm to summer. About 10,000 fireworks are used. More Details: Kumano Fireworks Display
Onigajo fireworks of Shichiri Mihama Beach shoreline

Address and Contact:

Onigajo (Demon’s Castle)/Shishiiwa (Lion Rock)
Kinomotocho, Kumano City (Kumano-shi), Mie Prefecture 519-4323, Japan
Getting There: Five minutes by bus from JR Kumano station to Onigajo higashiguchi stop.

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