Mie Fruits Picking Tour

Name Location Contact Periods Fee etc.
Tangerine Picking in Tsu Osatochinai,Tsu-city JA Tsu,Agei Agriculture Management Section 059-229-3506 Tangerine Farm Office for Tourist (Only during this period) 059-232-6963 Oct.20-Nov.30 Adult (Junior high school student or older) 1,000yen per person Child 900yen per person (with souvenir) Infant (3-year old or younger) 300yen Group (20 or more) Adults (Junior high school student or older) 50yen discount per person Children 30yen discount per person (with souvenir)
Pear Picking in Hisai Onobe-cho,Hisai-city Hisai-city Pear Farms Association for Tourist 059-256-0991(during this period) Hisai-city Tourist Bureau 059-255-3110 (other than this period) Aug.17-Sep.20 All You Can Eat Entrance Fee Adult 1,200yen Child 1,000yen (Elementary school student or younger) (Souvenir fee is not included.)
Apple Picking Onobe-cho,Hisai-city Nishio Fruit Island Takashi Nishio Tel/Fax 059-256-7023, 059-255-4565 Oct.20-Nov.20 This is one of largest apple farms in this prefecture. About 200 apple trees. All You Can Eat Fee: Adult 800yen Child 500yen
Gokatsura-ike Furusato Village Gokatsura Taki-town Farm for tourists in "Furusato Village" 05983-9-3860 Taki-town Tourist Bureau(in Town Hall) 05983-8-1117 From the middle of October to the end of November Reservation required. *For tangerine picking (All You Can Eat, with souvenir) Adult (Junior high school student or older) 1,000yen Child (3-year old or older) 800yen Group discount available. *For persimmon picking Adult (Junior high school student or older)1,000yen Child (3-year old or older) 800yen *For strawberry picking Jan.-Feb. Adult 1,200yen Child 1,000yen Infant 500yen Mar.-Apr. Adult 1,100yen Child 900yen Infant 500yen
Shorenji Lake Tourist Farm Shorenji,Nabari-city Shorenji Grape Association 05956-3-7000 05956-4-2500 Jul.20-Oct.31 Mar.1-May 30 Entrance fee (with souvenir)
For grape picking Adult 1,500yen Child 1,300yen Infant 800yen Group discount avairable. *For strawberry picking Adult 1,500yen Child (Elementary school student)1,300yen Infant (3-year old or older) 900yen
Tangerine Picking Kanayama Pilot 2400 Kanayama-cho, Kumano-city Kanayama Pilot Tel: 05978-9-5222 Fax: 05978-9-5506 Kumano City Tourist Bureau 05978-9-0100 From Oct.10 to early Dec. All You Can Eat (with souvenir) *General Adult 1,000yen (with 2-Kg of tangerines) Child 700yen (with 1-Kg of tangerines) Infant 100yen Special Course 1,200yen (with tangerines in a basket) *Group (30 or more) Adult 900yen (with 2-Kg of tangerines) Child 630yen (with 1-Kg of tangerines) Infant 400yen (with 1-Kg of tangerines)